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2024 Australian Outback Rowing Regatta

A two-day festival of VIIIs racing in the Australian Outback

consisting of

The Outback Sprints

a short course Henley-style duel and elimination gift series

Barcaldine, Queensland ▪ Saturday 5th October 2024


The Head of the Outback

a  6 km head race on the Thomson River

Longreach, Queensland ▪ Sunday 6th October 2024




We recognise the significant disparity in health outcomes between rural and urban residents, with studies showing that individuals living farther from the ocean tend to have shorter lifespans, and suicide rates in rural areas are alarmingly high. We believe that organised sport can provide a platform for rural communities to come together and enjoy the benefits of physical activity, social interaction, and inclusion. While football is popular in many rural areas, we recognise that participation drops off significantly after community members reach a certain age. That’s why we are proud to promote rowing as an alternative sport for people of all ages. Rowing is a low-impact, non-contact activity that combines intense competition and teamwork with a strong sense of community and social involvement. We believe that rowing clubs can serve as key social hubs for rural communities, fostering strong bonds and positive role models.

Our mission is to innovate by bringing key positive social determinants into play. Through collaboration with our partners, we aim to build a critical mass of positive role models present in sustained numbers within rural communities. By promoting the emergence of locally minted role models, such as Olympic rowing gold medalist Jack Hargreaves from rural Australia, we hope to inspire and influence rural communities towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Our 2 ambassadors and Tokyo Olympic Medallists, Jack Hargreaves OAM and Harriet Hudson, are both country kids who have reached this pinnacle of our sport and we hope to inspire other young rurally based kids to see their potential to do the same


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